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Zamtel Freedom Campaign
Clients: Zamtel
Category: IT, Technology
Date: 02/08/2022
Value: N/A

The Freedom Campaign

Our goal was to reignite interest in Zamtel as a brand re-emerging as a giant in the new era of freedom and progress in Zambia. The FREEDOM Tariff offers the ideal opportunity to merge both product and brand messages into a single piece of communication. We needed to reframe the way people see Zamtel – so we gave them a new look with frsh visuals and illustrations through our unique design productivity. We wanted people to reconnect emotionally with Zamtel. And they did.

The Challenge of Project

People are creatures of habit and it is considered normal to be multi-simmed and they are used to chopping and changing depending upon the network being used. The Zamtel brand may have become tired and seems undynamic in their eyes… and maybe suffering from a “parastatal hangover.” As the networks reach price parity because of matching each others offers, brand image (besides UX etc.,) becomes a driver of choice of network. This is a disadvantage for Zamtel at the moment – with MTN rebrand and continued heavier media presence by both competitive players, Zamtel is suffering from a lower SOV.