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Izwe Car for Cash Campaign
Clients: Izwe loans
Category: Technology
Date: 06/19/2022
Value: N/A

Car for Cash

Dream digital was contracted to run and plan a marketing campaign for IZWE’s primary product Car4Cash where clients can get financing from Izwe and use their car as collateral. Catch is with Izwe the client continues to drive their car during the repayment period. Izwe are able to finance from K10,000 to K1 million and exceptions could be made for amounts more than this but are certainly subject to approval. Izwe will soon be introducing new products to the SME space such as Order Financing, Landed Property Backed Loans, Invoice Discounting and so on. Dream Digitals job was to drive product awareness and buy-in of the SME products Reinforce the Izwe brand as an all in one financial services provider as well as Market visibility and recognition of Izwe SME products.